Best Size For Amazon Images

Do you sell products on the Amazon site? If you are not using a reputable Amazon seller account, you may be violating Amazon’s policies, which include this important element of your online business:

All products must be supplied with a picture. Amazon is very specific about this and makes it very clear in its Seller Policy and Guidelines. So, the next time you are ready to start a product sale on Amazon, take note of the following:

* As a general rule, if you are looking to sell photos of products on the Amazon site, make sure you meet Amazon Swatch Image Requirements. The images must be taken at the best size for Amazon Images.

* Create a product image (with an appropriate title) to start with. This will be your primary display of your product. It will include the most commonly-used Amazon icon that will help users easily locate your product on the site. When they are looking for the item they are trying to buy, they will naturally rely on your product image to find it.

* When you want to add photos of your product, use the same image (without changing any attributes of the image) as your product image. This helps avoid confusion between your product image and your product label.

* Amazon Swatch Image Requirements also requires you to be sure that the image you choose to use is truly representative of the image of your product. It must display the item in the same color as your product and in its best “best size for Amazon” appearance.

* There are some Amazon sellers who try to mask the product image. This creates problems for the customers, as they will often see other images that don’t match the image of their product.

* You should be aware of the Amazon Swatch Image Requirements when creating your product image. If you meet these requirements, Amazon recommends that you use their swatch icon. This icon is a big arrow that points to your product image.

* You should also be sure that your products need to be well-organized. Make sure that each product has a brief description of the item that includes the Amazon Swatch Icon.

* Amazon has made great customer service available for all its sellers. They are often willing to give great tips and information about making the most of your website to help you get started.

* Many of the best-known Amazon sellers use the customer service center for help troubleshooting issues. If you want to sell on Amazon, make sure that you have the time to take advantage of this terrific service.

So, if you’re planning to sell on Amazon, be sure to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the basics of Amazon Seller Service. You’ll be glad you did!

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